Esperanza Hills is an area of rolling hills ready for development south of Silver City, New Mexico. The land is split into parcels that could be purchased individually or in a group. The land is adjacent to utilities including electricity, phone, water, and sewer.

Esperanza Parcels
A$23,5001.55Undeveloped. Would probably go with B.
B$85,00011.01A ridge with steep canyon to south. Good views of Silver City from high point.
C$63,0007.83Slopes to west. Good views of San Vicente Creek
E$200,00022.60Large parcel with varied topography. Near sewer line.
FNA43.15Not currently available. On a lease-to-buy contract.
G$52,0003.56Small parcel easily developed. Sold with lots 6, 8, and 11. Near existing water, sewer, and roads.
HNA1.86Not available. Reserved for Town trail.
60.54Lot included with G. Buildable when street is extended.
80.37Lot included with G. Buildable when street is extended.
110.37Lot included with G. Buildable when street is extended.

A sewer line runs through the middle on town property (between parcels C, D, E, and G). Water lines must be extended from existing water lines on developed streets. Undeveloped streets shown are platted and ready to be paved. The developer can work with the Town to design streets to other areas.

The San Vicente Trail follows along the green creek to the west of the property. The Town is is gradually improving it as resources are found. A spur of the trail runs through the center of the property to a trailhead on Mountain View Road.

Automobile access to town businesses is from Mountain View Road on the east boundary of Esperanza Hills.